The Earth Surface Evolution research group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison investigates the topographic and chemical evolution of the Earth’s surface, from variations in sea level to the growth of mountain ranges to chemical weathering in soils. We use a variety of tools to explore these topics, including laboratory measurements, field instrumentation, and numerical modeling.

We are always looking for outstanding students and postdocs interested in investigating sea-level change and the evolution of the Earth’s surface. For Fall 2022, we welcome applications from PhD students interested in modeling the co-evolution of sea level and topography in a funded project. Prospective undergraduate researchers, graduate students, and postdocs are encouraged to contact Ken Ferrier for opportunities. Our lab group welcomes people of all races, national origins, gender identifications, sexual orientations, and disability statuses. We strive to provide an academically enriching and supportive climate so that all members of our group can thrive and succeed.